Facebook Page
by miak

Don't forget to "like" The Big Foldy's facebook page.

I will soon be uploading all the old comics to the facebook page and there will possibly be some extras and special prizes for those who join.

The Gang
by miak


To kick off the coming Series 3, here is an overview of the Cast of the Big Foldy.




Back in Action
by miak

Sorry about the huge delay on Series 2, the last few comics will be released starting now. Series 3 will follow shortly. I am already have 15 comics done and it will be shorter than the Series 1 and 2. I suppose it is just the big finale.

Thanks for sticking around. 


Notebooks is fun
by miak


The Big Foldy notebook where the storyboards and drawings first go! Now with new improved Laser Engraved Cover!

New series
by miak

Hey all, I am indeed working on series 2 of The Big Foldy.  I am 15 comics in so far, trying to get a fair amount done so If i get busy down the line I can keep up with updates. 

This coming series is a lot of fun, if oddly time consuming.  Hopefully I will start putting them out within the next month.