Welcome to The Foldy!
by miak

Hi Readers!

Welcome to The Big Foldy. 

This comic is my personal project for the summer to keep me actively creating something new while I sit around unemployed.

The comic was inspired by a sketch of a mouse my wife drew.  When turned upside down this mouse looked very much like a cute robot.  I kept the drawing in my wallet and eventually got around to sketching out a dozen or so similar robot fellows.  I then drew a few of my favorites up on Illustrator when I had extra time in class one day.  I figured it was a waste to just let them sit in a sketchbook when there were so many adventures they could go on.

So there you go, this is my first comic.  This first series will probably run about 50 comics long.  I may continue beyond that if I have the time, the want, and it is well received.  


Thanks for checking out "The Big Foldy"

I update twice a week (currently Sunday and Wednesday)