New series
by miak

Hey all, I am indeed working on series 2 of The Big Foldy.  I am 15 comics in so far, trying to get a fair amount done so If i get busy down the line I can keep up with updates. 

This coming series is a lot of fun, if oddly time consuming.  Hopefully I will start putting them out within the next month. 

ahoy mateys
by miak

just to let you know, if you had not heard....

Updates will only be coming once a week on sundays now for a while.  

I have been swept up in a flurry of business with school, work, and moving.  But the Foldy must go on!



only slower.

lil' robit
by miak

Here is the original by my wife, as previously mentioned.

I have yet to include this character in a comic.  But if you look carefully he is in there somewhere. 


Welcome to The Foldy!
by miak

Hi Readers!

Welcome to The Big Foldy. 

This comic is my personal project for the summer to keep me actively creating something new while I sit around unemployed.

The comic was inspired by a sketch of a mouse my wife drew.  When turned upside down this mouse looked very much like a cute robot.  I kept the drawing in my wallet and eventually got around to sketching out a dozen or so similar robot fellows.  I then drew a few of my favorites up on Illustrator when I had extra time in class one day.  I figured it was a waste to just let them sit in a sketchbook when there were so many adventures they could go on.

So there you go, this is my first comic.  This first series will probably run about 50 comics long.  I may continue beyond that if I have the time, the want, and it is well received.  


Thanks for checking out "The Big Foldy"

I update twice a week (currently Sunday and Wednesday)